Help On Attendance Management System


Actually i’m very new newbie for both yii and php. I’m doing my graduate project on attendance management system web based on yii framework and php. For that i have some doubts which may seems silly for you.

The main blockage for me is to display all student names of a single class in a single view file with a checkbox to put present or absent.

to be in detail.

I want to put attendance for all students of a single class in a single view file.

for that i want to first display the names of all students in a class with the checkbox to put present or absent.

after selecting all checkbox the user has to submit.

after submiting the database should be inserted with new records for all students.

I hope the forum will help me to finish my project.

There is a perfect solution to this problem.

Have a look at…ended-grid.html

Specifically the inline editing capabilities of [color=#1C2837]TbEditableColumn[/color]



If you get stuck with the setup, There is a great thread on this forum (Perhaps the most active thread) and you can get some help setting it all up.


Wow actually thanks for giving introduction to this booster. Actually it was amazing.

And when i show it to my colleagues they were amazed and once again thanks for this.

Glad you found it helpful. I know I did, and likewise when I completed a project in a day or so that we thought was going to take weeks, my boss and the customer were really happy :)

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check the post too…

what’s your db structure?

The database is not pretty much complexed. It is very simple…

The first table contains all the students details. like name, roll number, class etc.

I want to display these list in the create.php with a radio button to put present, absent or leave.

after selecting the required buttons, the user will click the submit button. when the user click it i want to insert all the student name with the selected thing.

the attendance table model will be like this

id name rollno attendance

1 raj 1 1

2 hunk 2 0

3 rajhunk 3 2

thanks for the showing me another way. but i cant login in the demo app. i think accidently user table have been deleted. Please check it out

now try this