Help Needed: Yii Grid Not Show Correctly When Click Next Page If Not Redirect To New Action



//I use yii 1.1.14

if ($is_summit) {

//... do something...


             $temp_condition .= HzlUtil::standardizeCondition($model->brandCondition);

            $temp_condition .= empty($model->rslFlagCondition) ? '' : 'FlagNotEmpty';

            if (!empty($temp_condition)) {

                if ($model->confirm_export == 1) {

                    $this->toExcel($model->searchRSL($model->part_condition, $model->platformCondition, 

                            $model->commodityCondition, $model->oemPnCondition, $model->supplierCondition, 

                            $model->commCodeCondition, $model->masterDescCondition, $model->rslFlagCondition, 

                            $model->brandCondition, 1));

                } else {

//issue here: The yii grid can show data, however, will be gone if I click next page or sort column.

//I have to change 'render view' to 'redirect to another action', 

//then the yii grid can show everything normal even click to next page or sort.

//but actually in that new action, I only render 'SearchRsl' too.

                    //$this->render('SearchRsl', array('model' => $model));


//end issue


            } else {

                $this->widget('ext.Hzl.etoastr.HzlEToastr', array(

                    'message' => 'Please enter at least one condition to avoid huge output, thanks.',


                $this->render('SearchRslCondition', array('model' => $model));


        } else

            $this->render('SearchRslCondition', array('model' => $model));

Tentative Solution: I use tentative solutoin, but it is waste time to redirect to new action just for show grid correct even for sort/next page

There may be something wrong when rendor 2nd view in same action by condition.

Any new solution??

Anyone expert have idea?