Help Me Redesign the way we work online

Hi all, I would like to extend an invite to this wonderful community to help me as I set out to Redesign and Improve the way we work online. :D

A little bit on What I’m doing. I want to improve the overall experience for virtual teams and organisations. Working online is growing at a very rapid pace and so are the tools and application but none are really improving on the whole experience. Most of what we have today just focuses on solving one problem then add the flow of information as an after thought.

For example think of any bug tracking tool, they sure do a good job but they are not really built for cross departmental collaboration, some are not built for collaboration at all. I mean they don’t include tools for the designers of the app/site (whatever they you maybe coding). So for the design the designers would have to find another tool that deals with wireframes and design the app. Now you have two different tools that work great on their own but organisations and teams don’t work on their own. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a tool that seamlessly integrates all of that? A tools that is designed like that from ground up and not just slapped together as extended functionality. for example I think the developers of the the Yii framework wouldn’t mind working on a tool that is truly designed for total collaboration. taking an idea from idea to design to development all on A simple yet powerful tool.

What I have described above is not even the half of it, what about the marketing and financial department? Do we go on looking for more tools for this as well?

Please understand I’m NOT just talking integration , like i said I would like to take running and managing businesses on the cloud to the next level.

So I’m thinking a virtual workplace or virtual office that will control the flow of information and communication throughout the organisation. For example a CEO shouldn’t have to go around digging through all the different apps to find the information he/she needs.

I wrote a mini blog trying to explain my idea, i will keep explaining as i continue writing the blogs. You can check it out at

BUT most importantly what I would like from this community, seeing that this is the framework we plan to use and also the is a lot of experience with working online so some feedback would be AWESOME!!

Please check out

This is where the designing and discussions will take place so any involvement from the users of this community would be appreciated. From something as simple as voting on an idea that you like or dont like or adding ideas that you might have for this project, all will be read and considered. Also do note that to add new ideas or features requests you will have to be added as a member. You can send me a PM/Inbox with you email and I will add you to the board to continue discussions there.

Looking forward to you response and collaborations, please feel free to leave some feedback like what you think can be improved upon and what would make your life easier when working online with distributed team member’s. on this forum as well. 8)