help me please, i want to learn yii.

Hi to all i am new user of YII framework. i have no idea about any framework from where i have to start and i know the PHP but not framework. So i want to make the Registration form by using yii framework. So please help me, i read out the yii documentation but i cant understand…or mail me.


Hi zeeshan!,

First off all, Install proper IDE like PHP Eclipse( also extension Yiiclipse). Then import Yii standard demo like "Blog" system into workspace of eclipse. Go through the internal working of that demo… another demo… and create your demo to the people.

Enjoy YII,



read the Definitive Guide to Yii

and there are two books published , you can find them in the home page bottom of the page

also you can find some open source yii projects on , ,sourceforge . use "yii" to search ,just download them and read the code for studying .

Good suggestion!! :D

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