HELP! Get data from main form to pop up form

Hi everybody,

I got problem of showing data to popup form from main form.

In the main form, there is a textfield and a button.

And in the popup form, there is a textfield.

I want when users type data on textfield of main form then press button, the popup will show up and textfield of popup form will contain the data that users type.



Hi Jackson093

I am not sure what you mean by pop up form or why you would need something like that.

What exactly are you trying to do?

Thanks for your reply

It means like this page

Just click on Log In you will see.

So I want data that the users type on textboxs of popup form will show on textboxs of main form.


I want to do this form like you pop up like Login at So if u can do it pls help me!!!!

Well, you need to use javascript for this have look at jquery.