help for the httprequest

I am looking for the class which works like curl or wget.

I mean like the function which is named "file_get_content".

I had see the CHttprequest class ,it provides some methods which are used to deal with the url and the request info on the server.

My english not good , sorry …

Yii does not have such a class. CHttpRequest is for the actual user request, so it’s possible to get the user ip for example.

You can use 3rd party classes in Yii. Maybe Zend Framework does have such a request class? Then you could probably use that class in Yii.

But do you know file_get_contents() is pretty powerful? See here and look out for stream_context_create(). It’s possible to set timeout, user agent and so on.

Oh I see.

I will write one myself…

thank you