HELP: EUploadifyWidget (fixed path works but not r=controller/action)

Hi everyone,

I have this very strange issue. I tried many ways and I finally got a working case, that is:




       'options'=> array(

            'uploader' => '/www/js/uploadify/uploadify.swf',

            'script' => '/www/js/uploadify/uploadify.php',

            'auto' => true,

            'multi' => false,

            'folder' => '/www/images/',

            'scriptData' => array('extraVar' => 1234, 'PHPSESSID' => session_id()),

            //'fileDesc' => 'Declaratiebestanden',

            //'fileExt' => '*.*',

            'buttonText' => 'Upload',

            //'buttonImg' => '/www/images/upload.gif',

            'width' => 150,


        'callbacks' => array( 

           'onError' => 'function(evt,queueId,fileObj,errorObj){alert("Error: " + errorObj.type + "\nInfo: " +;}',

           'onComplete' => 'function(e,f){alert("Complete"); console.log(e);console.log(f)}',

           'onCancel' => 'function(evt,queueId,fileObj,data){alert("Cancelled");}',



However, when I change my ‘script’ param to point all the URLs below, it didnt work.



In fact, the SWF upload it fine, with the progress bar working and the onComplete return "Complete" alert box, the files are not uploaded.

I’m almost there and would hope to get some advice from experts here. It will be great if you can provide an example of XXXController file with the actionYYY() and how to use the Widget script.



I have the same problem, anybody could help?