Help Choose Between Yii 1, Yii 2 And Latest Gihub Commit For A New Project


We are about to start a new project and we want to use Yii for it. After reading Yii website, I found out that the release date for Yii 2 beta has been set to early 2014 and judging by github, that milestone is 94% ready.

What is our best bet in this case when choosing Yii version? If we go with stable Yii 1, is it going to be easy to later update that code to Yii 2.0 or is it going to be a complete rewrite or some bad hack? Or if we go with Yii 2.0 alpha, will it be relatively easy to update then? The instability of alpha is ok, we anyway will likely be working on basic things such as authentication, registration, etc by the time beta is released? And finally is using the latest github commit (which is a 94% complete beta) a good idea or is it in a semi-functional "development" state and might not work at all?

Also how compatible are the Yii extensions? If we go with Yii 2, are we going to be limited to a relatively small selection of Yii 2 extensions?


The official website says that you can use yii2 for development if you do not have any strict schedule. It also says that yii1 and yii2 are not compatible, so, as i understand, you will not be able to use yii1 extensions in the yii2 projects.

But i’m rather new to yii, so, my opinion could appear to be wrong, so do not take it as a guide :)

  • 1.1 is not easy to update to 2.0. There’s no backwards compatibility at all so complete rewrite will be required.

  • alpha is way behind current master code so it’s better to use current master.

  • beta will be hopefully released this month. Could not guarantee it though.

  • master may be broken from time to time but generally it’s much more stable than alpha.

  • Yii extension for 1.1 are not compatible.

Thanks for the awesome reply! We’ll go with the latest github commit then.