Help about Controller

is it controller can be separated by folder?


I want to create admin area so I make the URL like this:

can Yii do this? and how to make like this.

please help me.


The above example is the normal setup. You just need to use Modules. And create a module for the admin area inside that module you will have a BlogController and a GalleryController.

how I setup this modul on linux. I have tried to following ( this guide but failed

please help me…


I have create an yii framework application

#webroot/yiic webapp webroot/myapplication

are to make my application based modules. I must to recreate my application ?

how to generate basic modul structure in linux? I have try to followong this guide ( but still dont understand. and I have search in google but still not found… please help me…


Start the yiic shell:

cd webroot/myapplication

protected/yiic shell

(make sure the web server process have access to protected/runtime)

If still no shell:

protected/yiic shell protected/config/main.php

In the shell:

module <name of the module>


OK thanks tommy for your reply :)