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Welcome coment, share and development…



I use memcached, redis, mysql, apc, casandra, …


very nice !! Good job !


Pretty fast site! Love it! ^^

How many server do you use?

Congrat… nice work. :)

Haui.vn 1 server, for 10.000 member.

Welcome all to gata.vn gameta.vn 300.000 member Viet Nam, i used 2 server

I use caching.


What is the difference between redis vs cassandra in your application? I see that you use multiple caching and database structure? Is there any specific strategy behind all of these things?

I use redis for store notification, message of user, cassandra for feed wall of user. Redis faster and smaller …cassandra. I use multipe caching and database: apc, memcache, page cache, … redis, mysql, cassandra,…

I think my project is good with all technology i use.


Haui.vn, gata.vn, gameta.vn

  • Build manage scalable web architecture… (nginx + apache + Yii PHP + MySQL + Memcache, Redis, Apc cache + jquery)

  • Manage and improve REST-based API for 3rd party developers

  • Design or code picture related Facebook appsDesign world-class iPhone, iPad, Mac and, Android apps

  • Games, web game, blog, feed wall, chat, music, fanpage,…

Thanks all!

well done !

quite fast :lol: congrats

for accessing cassandra , do you use php or some other languages ? if using php what lib do you use ?

Yii extension has lib for cassandra

could you give us the link , i can’t find it even use google :lol: