happylifebox.com building with yii


The main step create it can refer to the post:

On-demand design, decomposition idea if you want.

 yiiframework can achieve near-perfect web application. Including CMS, BLOG, SNS and other systems,  Also suitable for large-scale web platform, as long as there is time and energy, it can be done very well,This is no doubt.

Here you can see Yii with other web php framework comparison information.

Because yiiframework relatively flexible, you can use yiiframework the same time,

Integration of other frameworks or ready-made products.

 For example, in my application is to have a website where I do not want to do background processes, 

first of all do not want to completely re-developed, ready-made cmssystem directly to get the background, but if you do not know how itdo? You can look at his table, the establishment of a one model, andthen still use the original daemon add data, you only need to use thesein the foreground model, and view documents by controler

Shown on-line friends.

I need to tell you that if you are prepared is a small application, infact, can use a lot of ready-made things, like you can try some new,the idea of decomposition is used to bring a one module,

yiiframework, and so on. My suggestion is for the novice, it can be toachieve a number of complete applications, not only to learnyiiframework, they can complete the concrete implementation. If you arenot satisfied with the background, followed by a gradual modificationSo seamless access to your system.

  Finally, attach a [url="http://www.happylifebox.com/"]link[/url]to the latest small station, if you wish to review what the outlook themes some reference [url="http://yiicmssite.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/"]yiicms[/url], but not compatible with IE8, there is time to make more improvements and changes.