Happy New Year

[size=2]Happy new year to everyone! [size=2]We just released version 1.1.9. Hope you like this new year gift. [/size]

In 2011, Yii framework has undergone significant growth. The traffic to [size=2]our project site is almost tripled, compared with that in 2010. And the Yii community has been expanding rapidly. As of this moment, we have 40K registered forum users, 700+ user-contributed extensions and nearly 300 wiki articles. Thanks to the whole Yii developer team for making these possible, and thanks to every Yii user for using, promoting, and contributing to Yii.[/size][/size]



[size=2]In 2012, we will see more wonders with Yii. As you know, we are currently actively developing the next major version of Yii. We will stick to our philosophy and make Yii 2.0 another masterpiece. [/size]




Happy New Year.

Qiang, I congratulate you as well as the Yii team.

And nuff respect due to everyone else helping to grow this great framework.

Let’s take it to the next level

Wow great, happy new year. We are waiting more sureprise in the next yii2.

Happy New Year!

Happy Yii Year! :D

Happy New Framework =)

Ops … New Yiiear =)

Happy New Year ;D

…and thanks to everyone who contributed to make Yii this greate framework it is !!


Happy new year ;)

Great news! Happy New Yii-ar !

[color=#1C2837][size=2]Happy New Year[/size][/color]

Happy New Year (arguably a little late, but there’s still plenty of 2012 to go ;) ) and thanks so much for everything you guys did/are doing!