Handy List Of Extension For Yii 2

Are there a list of extension that built for Yii 2 easily found without manually clicking through page by page to figure out which is for Yii 1 and which is for Yii 2?


We have not added this to the search function of the website yet. We will set up a new version of the site with the final release which will include a better search for wiki and extensions regarding the selection of the Yii version.

Currently I do a search on packagist.org to find this out.

Forgot to add -

to search yii2 extensions within yii extension repository you can use something like below


Alternatively, a packagist search link can be something like below:


This is great tips.


Not so handy :rolleyes:

Of course its Packagist’s fault, but currently 88 pages with no option to sort somehow…

I agree. I think the Yii team is looking at some option at a later stage to build an extension repo with search utility crawling the Packagist repository.

On Packagist package search - You may combine a few other tags, keywords, to search and narrow down your results.

For example using the author/vendor names:

This fetches all packages by yiisoft for yii2:


This fetches all Yii2 packages submitted by me:


You can also use keywords (for example yii2 and ‘boot’):


Yes, we’re planning a good searchable/browsable UI for it.