Handling Configs/Modules via Code

As a beginner of YII, I understand that if I want to add a new module/plugin/theme, I should add them to their appropriate folder and should edit the config files to enable them. For example - upload a new theme and change the theme value in the config file.

Is it possible to dynamically handle this?

I am planning to create an open-source app, where admin can upload the new plugin and make it active instead of manually making them active by code editing.

What I am looking for is similar to wordpress, where admin can upload and use the plugins.

Yes, it’s possible but this isn’t what framework should care about. It’s up to you to design application modules and their installation routines.

You can upload the theme in where you want. Just use Yii::app()->themeManager to set de theme’ folder. Than, to set the new theme, use Yii::app()->theme = ‘name’;

Happy coding.

Thanks guys for your quick response. Excuse me for my dumb questions.