Handle the data in extension

Hi to all!

I write the extension for cropping the images. Yes, I no doubt such extension already wrote by someone except me, but I want to create one myself.

Anyway… All code for the client side I have already carry out in extension, but I don’t know what to do with the back end. If I create the folder controllers in my extension folder, and put my controller for handle the cropping into one - it doesn’t works, because yii couldn’t find this controller. Maybe the back end part should be placed not in the controller, but in the extension file directly. But in this case I don’t know how to handle it all the more.

Do you guys have any ideas? :)

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If you have a extension with a controller create a module ;)

hmmm ???

Can I place that module in the other module?

For example:


yes you can :) see the docs… just put

‘admin’ => array(




But only a crop function does not need a entire module i think ;) But a filemanager or / media manager could have some crop function.

If only for cropping you are probably better of making an image helper.

This extension just include the Jcrop plugin, some html and the cropping at the backend. Yes I think you are right about the module, but what is the image helper I really don’t know. Could you explain please?