Handle Multi Select Dropdownlist

Hi friends. I have a dropdownlist in which I can select multiple values. But when I saved that in database it saved only one value. Please advise me how to fetch all the values selected and save them in database. thank u in advance

Show your code, sepecifically the part where you handle the $_POST result.

I’m not sure how you handle the values, but a thing to note is that the $_POST variable for this input becomes an array. You have update the rules for your form model if you want that to validate() and you probably want to unleash a foreach() on it or some other looping code on the database model save().

Hi sandeep kaushik ! Please, show your code for analysis.

Problem is that I am using multimodelform. This element is being cloned. can u suggest me something. I am ready to save this in altogether different table along with id of rows of child elements. Or I can save them in comma separated values