HAML, SASS, and Compass

I have HAML & SASS successfully installed on my project. They both work very well. The one problem I have with the extension is the Compass component. I’ve run into the problem several times, tried to fix it, but ended up giving up and living without it.

I’ve tried using the import command - @import “compass/css3”; - for example, yet I’m unable to use the functionality its suppose to provide. Could it be that the parent directory is not properly defined? Here’s the configuration in my config/main.php file I used based off the instructions given here … http://www.yiiframework.com/extension/haml-and-sass/

Thanks for any suggestions.

		'assetManager' => array(

		  'class' => 'ext.phamlp.PBMAssetManager',

		  'parsers' => array(

		    'scss' => array(

		      'class' => 'ext.phamlp.Sass',

		      'output' => 'css',

		      'options' => array(

		        'style' => 'nested',

		        'cache' => false,

		        'extensions' => array(

		          'compass' => array(

		            'project_path' => realpath(dirname(__FILE__).DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR.'..'.DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR.'..'),

		            'relative_assets' => false,







You can use another extension which adds Sass and Compass support to the Yii framework:

Sass (SCSS) and Compass support for the Yii framework