Hacked By Jember Hacker Team

What´s that?

File http://www.yiiframework.com/forum/cache/jht.txt:

"YiiFrameWork is Secure? Professional? Fast? LOL

Selamat Hari Sumpah Pemudah Indonesia!!!

Hacked By Jember Hacker Team

Thanks To: Unwanted, Wayc0de, OrangKeren, Wuedan, PlengeH And All Member JHT"

Correct link.

Hooray for IP.Board :(

Forum + cache + txt = Yii hacked?

Yeah, check this out. It’s a higly dangerous image proving the fact that I hacked Yii.

Yii Framework !== www.yiiframework.com

Writing to the cache dir in IPBoard, the crummy forum software hosted on www.yiiframework.com, doesn’t say anything interesting about Yii Framework.

While I’m not sure how wise is the claim to being a “Fast, Secure and Professional PHP Framework”, since all three are obviously debatable, today’s almost-but-not-quite-a-hack has no bearing on that debate.

While that’s true, it is this type of incidents that tend to ruin a project’s reputation in the long run. Regardless of what has actually been “hacked.”

For dumb people, yes.

Smart ones should understand what’s going on.

Yes, perhaps. But even smart people aren’t immune to the influences of hearsay.

Indeed. So let us be clear: This petty attention-seeker’s trifling acomplishment is irrelevant. (Unless you’re an IPBoard dev ;)

Moving on…

One day we’ll implement our own forum :)

With Blackjack. And Hoo… never mind ::)

Exactly :)

OOOh. Good Luck.:DB)