GZIP and js/css files

I have an application with activated gzip compression and it works.

But the problem is that css and js files are not compressed.

I have read a tutorial, but is there a way to do this in "Yii fashion"?


Read this tutorial.

You can use scriptMap for prevent Yii to include the script/css file, and manually send your css compressed following the tutorial you found.

I have no experience on compressing, but I’d advice you to search a bit in extension and wikies, maybe there is something of ready.

Yes, manually may be activated, but I’m searching for Yii solution, because I don’t want manually to write rules for including jquery.js (for example).

Minimize is not a solution (for me), because it’s not enough compressed and it’s hard to edit. :D

Please keep in mind: Yii has been designed in a way that static files such as stylesheets and js-files could (and should) be processed and/or served entirely by the webserver.

If you absolutely must use the compression methods described in the first tutorial, it might be an idea to write a Yii command that can be invoked once via CLI.