GxController &Layout


I start using the giix entension and I find something weird for me.

The controllers are all extending GxController wich is extending Controller (the one in the folder components). Both GxController and Controller are delaring the $layout var.

Since I think that changing something in an extension is not the way to go and that GxController is reseting the $layout var to ‘//layouts/column2’, how can I declare a common layout for all my controllers ? (without declare again the $layout var in all controllers)

For now, I just commented the $layout var in GxController … Maybe is there any other solution (I don’t want to create an other main controller like Controller=>GxController=>MainControllers=>MyControllers)

Thanks a lot :)


Yes, you’re right.

Leave that line commented out for now. I’ll open an issue and fix it in a next version of giix.


NOTE: moved to proper section (Extensions instead of General Discussion for Yii 1.1.x)