Guidelines for extensions

It’s nice to see that the Yii community is very active and willing to share it’s work through extensions.

To all of you, keep the good work going. :D

So that all users get better experience, here are some guidelines for creating extensions:

  • [size="3"]use a prefix, so that non-prefixed class names can be used for components / extending classes[/size]
  • [size="3"]DO NOT use C as a prefix for your extension classes - C is for Yii core (prefix ideas: E, my, ext, …)[/size]
  • [size="3"]the extension needs to be documented - code without documentation is useless[/size]
  • [size="3"]the extension needs to have a download file or link[/size]

NOTE: creating a new extension just to preserve space (placeholder), without putting a link for a download and/or without documentation is a bad practice! Users don’t like that and all placeholders get many negative votes!

Yii extensions: http://www.yiiframew…com/extensions/

I do not agree with your ideas about prefixes, prefix should have some meaning, related to what extension should do.

Same about comments, if code is written good, there are no need for comments(this doesn’t stay for class/function headers, as that data can be used for class/api specifications). If there are too much comments in code, that mean there is something wrong with code :)

Please read carefully the guidelines a second time…

Note that I wrote documented… not commented… that’s two very different things…

as for the prefix… it’s up to you what to use… the important thing for this version of Yii is NOT to use “C” as this is used by the Yii core… and the prefix idea I put there are the most used currently if you take a look at the Yii extensions… :D

Heh, sorry, you are right, documented and commented is not same, my mistake :)

I feel there should be a review process.

And a requirement that the extension should be in English.

(Extension page too)

It’s rather rude in my opinion.

For new users, how can i add new extension, and how long i have to wait before adding it, and if i have to post in the forum first, how many posts i have to post?

You need to have some forum posts. Something like five or ten. No wait after adding extension itself.

Hello everyone,

I’m quite new in the forum, but I’ve used Yii for some times.

I am wondering is there supposed to be a standard test for new extensions? like the beta stuff?




It’s up to extension authors. We aren’t testing extensions.