Guide for Yii2 ElasticSearch

Is there any guides or tutorials for using ElasticSearch with Yii2? I’ve been at it all day, but the docs are not that good yet at this subject.

  1. I have some problems with understanding the relations between the indexing in ElasticSearch and the database.

  2. I’ve run trough a foreach()-loop to index all my current records, but the attributes are not showing in the queries (only id and some other _private fields). I believe it has something to do with mapping, but i dont know how to set up mappings.

  3. When i add a item in elasticsearch with the API (not trough yii/AtiveRecord) i can re-add it and it updates, in ActiveRecord its throwing an error since the record already exists.

Anyone know any good tutorials for Yii2 with ElasticSearch, or have a few quick pointers for me?

And if anyone would like to write a tutorial here on, that would be great. And probably be very helpful to alot of people.

Thank you.