Group by Query with limitation in Yii

Hi All,

I need help in writing below query in Yii.

I wanted to group by category with 5 records each.

Query which is working in MySql is as below, same need to be written in Yii, please help.

SELECT V.*,c.cnt FROM ne_posts V JOIN

( SELECT * FROM( SELECT cat_id,created_dt,COUNT(1) cnt FROM ne_posts GROUP BY cat_id )V

ORDER BY created_dt DESC LIMIT 5 )C

ON V.cat_id = C.cat_id

$criteria = new CDbCriteria();

$criteria->select = "*";

$criteria->addInCondition(‘status’, array(‘published’) );

$criteria->order = "t.created_dt DESC ";

$criteria->group = " t.cat_id ";

$posts = NePosts::model()->with(‘Cat’, ‘User’)->findAll($criteria);

Thanks in advanced.