gridview with textbox Input

hi, i jst start using yii2.

how can i save this value into database?

Read about Gii feature

which one?

This is rather a challenge even for advanced yii users. Of course you can do it, although you have to have good understanding of yii basics.

The first section of the guide you have to read is this:

Guide > Getting Data from Users > Collecting tabular input

If you find it difficult to understand, then you have to read "Getting Data from Users" sections from the beginning.

Of course you may use a GridView in the form, instead of manually writing table rows looping through the data. But I think it’s better to start with the latter approach following the guide.

sorry for a really late reply

i’m using a SqlDataProvider as the dataprovider of the GridView. and isnt it using a model to get the data of the textbox?

"if (Model::loadMultiple($settings, Yii::$app->request->post()) && Model::validateMultiple($settings))"

can anyone help me?

i really have no idea how to do it.