Gridview + Renderajax + Incoming Param For Gridview

Hi everybody!

I have an issue with Gridview as following:

On a view,I have a Search form and a Gridview.In Search form have a lot of incoming params to query and show data to Gridview via an ajax submit button.

I do not know how to renderAjax for GridView as the data is retured.

Anybody have any ideas this?Thanks

this may give you some direction :pjax-submitForm

and read this wiki Yii 2.0: How to use GridView with AJAX

good luck ! :D

I can render ajax for Gridview via Pjax by check condition “Yii::$app->request->isPjax” and renderPartial to view,but i do not know the way to post “data” to query return result for Gridview via calling jquery “$.pjax.reload({container:’#pjaxShopListByCategoryId’});”.

What must i need to add to post data to $.pjax.reload such as {container::’#pjaxShopListByCategoryId’,data:?}

How must i handle at {data:?} ?