gridview record count problem on my web hosting


My application work well on localhost.

On my webhosting, this gridview description

Showing 1-20 of 21 items.

become like this

Memaparkan {begin, number}-{end, number} daripada {totalCount, number} {totalCount, plural, one{item} other{items}}.

when use language ms-MY.

On requirement check page, got warning

ICU version Warning Internationalization support ICU 49.0 or higher is required when you want to use # placeholder in plural rules (for example, plural in Formatter::asRelativeTime()) in the yii\i18n\Formatter class. Your current ICU version is 4.2.1.


Expose PHP Warning Security reasons "expose_php" should be disabled at php.ini

Is it ICU version which cause the problem? Or something else? Please help me fix this.


The message about ICU is clear… .did you check what version do you have on webhosting? Also check the Yii minimum requirements…

Webhost staff say they has latest icu installed from cpanel repo which is Package libicu-4.2.1-12.el6.i686. They say they cannot do custom setting because this will affect the whole server. But if i know any webpage that guide how to install the required icu into cpanel, they ask me to give the link. Anyone know of such website?

About the problem i ask, i wonder why it only happen for language ms-MY. I try es and de, they work fine.