GridView filtering in form of tag-system

Hi there,

I’m planning to build a filter-system that works like a tag-system (I don’t know exactly how it’s called). To give an example I attached a screenshot of such a filter-system.


Bildschirmfoto 2016-08-19 um 12.34.55.png

My question now is, if there is a already existing way to build such a system with Yii’s GridView or if I have to start building something on my own. I spent half a day searching the web, but I did not find something (the cause could of course be that I don’t know the “right” name of such a system.)

To give a more concrete example, one requirement I have is to implement a language-filter for a list of persons, where you can optionally select multiple languages and the corresponding language-level for this language. A chosen language (with corresponding level) should then be listed as one "tag", which should be deletable.

You need to use Listview to handle without tab fields.

If you are creating in hand the process is simple and without much work in yii2.

The following example: