GridView filter sends empty data and model name

in fact, i faced 2 issues with GridView widget so far. i’ve created filter model for my AR class via Gii.

  1. it sends in URL all filter parameters + it adds model name! What a f…?

How can i remove model name from URL and don’t post get empty filter parameters.

example (after url decode)

how it is


how i want


  1. sorting doesn’t show up. i set twitter bootstrap, this grid has default tb markup, but sortinig some how uses wrong (.asc and .desc are used). i want to add to sorted column’s header next code

<div class="glyphicon glyphicon-triangle-top"></div>

how can i do it?


nevermind, i figured it out

  1. edited griview js

  2. made custom ‘filter’ option in php