gridview css changes when searched?

Ok when you search your gridviews the css that you set up on the column is ignored.

If I have something like what is below in my view when I use the filter to search on any of the columns the ‘class’=>‘gridDate’ is ignored. What defines the css of the grid after you search?

'columns' => array( 


    'filter' => CHtml::activeTextField($model, 'DateCreated'), 

    'value' => '$data->DateCreated',

    'htmlOptions'=> array('class'=>'gridDate'),


It should not be ignored… could it be that you render a different view (with a different grid) when the search is made ?

Going back over everything today, and fixing my search, it is no longer doing it. Unless there are no results then all columns are evenly spaced but everything else is right. Haven’t done enough testing with that yet as that is acceptable for now.