$(gridID).yiiGridView('getChecked', columnID) returning empty array

I just want to store the ids of the ticket items, when I check the console I’m just getting an empty array. any idea why?

Yii doc on CCheckBoxColumn states:

font: http://www.yiiframework.com/doc/api/1.1/CCheckBoxColumn#selectableRows-detail

So I have:

 $this->widget('bootstrap.widgets.BsGridView', array(

    'id' => 'audits-lines-grid',

    'dataProvider' => $auditlines->search($model->audit_id),

    'filter' => $auditlines,

    'selectableRows' => 2,

    'columns' => array(


        'class' => 'CCheckBoxColumn', 'selectableRows' => 2,

        'id' => 'selected-checkboxes',

        'value' => 'CHtml::tag("span", array("class" => "$data->statusLabel"), "$data->status", "</span>")',

        'name' => 'CHtml::tag("span", array("class" => "$data->statusLabel"), "$data->status", "</span>")',


        (some more code here..)

and I’m trying to get the checked value with



            var items = $('#audits-lines-grid').yiiGridView('getChecked', '#selected-checkboxes')




Yet the console is returning an empty array, any idea why?


I don’t know if this will solve your problem, but there is a semicolon missing at the end of the following line:

var items = $('#audits-lines-grid').yiiGridView('getChecked', '#selected-checkboxes')

Hi ana and welcome to the forum

The second parameter should be just the columnID without the ‘#’ so the call should be

var items = $('#audits-lines-grid').yiiGridView('getChecked', 'selected-checkboxes')

You’re right, semicolon was missing but that didn’t solve. I found out a similar code that does work, its:

var id = $.fn.yiiGridView.getChecked("your-grid-id", "selected-checkboxes");

important: when entering the id, don’t add a # (eg. ‘id-name’ is correct, ‘#id-name’ is wrong), hope it helps somebody else

Thanks Maurizio, that worked too :)