Graph oriented database and Yii2

Hi Communityii,
I have heard of this in the past and again recently. I have already investigated a little and I confess, I am at the ground, my knowledge is very low on this, it is a concept that never caught my attention, but it seems very interesting.
What do you think of or know about graph oriented database, namely neo4j?
Worth it? What does it imply?
The most usual is to create relational databases, but if this is to take a step forward?
Do we need to create yii active record extension or else to use it with yii? Never used and know very little about noSql, need to learn more.
As us all, I like being ahead and I would like to know your opinion, if it is possible, advantageous, pro and cons or else.
Thanks in advance to any suggestion.

neo4j is OK if you really need a graph.

Do we need to create yii active record extension or else to use it with yii?

You can do it like that or to use it directly.

There are extensions like but not sure how good are they.

Good point @samdark, Thanks for your reply. That’s my basic concern, actually, and I’m struggling with it now, when or why we need graphs… I mean, I know this subject is off topic of Yii in a way, but I’ve been sketching new projects, and when I position myself and look up from them, I look at the base, I see relational data, lots of tables to manage, lots of query to do joins among others, and I wonder how there’s no other way to do this. I do not know, I did not even understand the difference whether it’s big or not. I understand that in terms of quick results to a query, so they say, the difference is great. But it will make sense just for that or if I am still personally attached to the relational schemas that seem to me to be somehow more consistent palpable, dont know… maybe it is mostly my lack of knowledge about it. I know some of you can smile, it’s ridiculous someone who knows how to work with databases does not know this basic stuff, but really, maybe I have to study it more, maybe. But hey thanks for the links i’ll dig on it.