GoogleAPI: jQuery.yii is undefined

I would like to use jQuery in my scripts, and i therefor use this in the head of my layout file:

<?php echo CGoogleApi::init(); ?>


<?php echo CHtml::script(

    CGoogleApi::load('jquery','1.3.2') . "\n"

); ?>

The problem is that all functions like

<?php echo CHtml::linkButton('Delete', array(


    'confirm'=>"Are you sure to delete comment #{$comment->id}?",

)); ?>

stops working.

Firebug shows the error: jQuery.yii is undefined

When changing jQuery.yii to jQuery in the CHtml class, then submitFunction is undefined. I suppose i can keep on tracking down these errors, but isn’t there a better solution?

Any body with a clue? :)

Concerning jQuery.yii: yes, it’s a Yii-specific plugin. Have a look in framework/web/js/source. As for GoogleApi: No, I haven’t tried it.


Did you fix this trouble ? I am having the same one and could be really useful for me.