Google Map

Hi am a student and now i do my final project.but i have problem about google map

i try to do that

this code



$gMap = new EGMap();


// it can also be called $gMap->height = 400;


$gMap->zoom = 8;

// some stops on the way

$phuket = new EGMapCoord(8.017076,98.334503);

$phuket_campus = new EGMapCoord(7.894983,98.352098);

// Initialize GMapDirection

$direction = new EGMapDirection($phuket,$phuket_campus);

$renderer = new EGMapDirectionRenderer();

$renderer->panel = "direction_pane";






<div id="direction_pane"></div>

this ok but if i don’t know longtitude,latitude. is there any way to plot map

thank you

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i don’t understand but i will try

thank you