Google Map

I have component based of…google-map-api/

if any one find it useful I will be happy to submit to the extension repository.

Demo: http://incisivesyste…k/visit_cluster

Code explanation: http://incisivesyste…sitors±+2.html

Nice job, it would be very nice to have the extension of it.

Yep, I will in few days from today

You are right. why bother that extension is state of art.

Hey Pradhan, I have to thank you as I was able to read through that api and found some cool extensions to add to the one on EGMap (the Yii extension). I had already included support for labelled icons, keydragzoom and going to include the clustered and custom infowindow options. Also, by doing that I found some bugs in the code. I think that once I update everything we will have a pretty complete extension.

Nevertheless, I would love some people to also help on the extension, if you wish to input your valuable time on it, please welcome.

Thanks again

Just to let you know Pradhan, I have released a version 1.8, including marker clusterer, marker with labels and key drag zoom plugins to the extension. Any feedback will be highly appreciated.

Man you are one heck of a coder and very well documented. Sometime soon I will use your extension in another project.

If you do so, please let me know, as it would be great to start building demo apps… I have no much time nowadays and any help will be highly appreciated.

Oh yeah, some demo apps would be nice!

btw: if there would be more documentation I would be quite motivated to add some features like drawing polygons and linestrings.

btw2: it would be nice to know how to use the EGMapApiKeyList as the class seems to be quite useful!

PS: Thanks for your effort on this extension, Antonio!

Tell me, what docs do you think is best so to allow people to write some example code?

EGMapKeyList is actually a KeyList wrapper for you to store, or initialise, your maps with google API keys. Check the code inside and you will see that is nearly a CMap wrapper. Very easy to use.

I have created a google.code SVN repository for those willing to help. If you want to, you are more than welcome :)

Is possible to calculate distances between two points?. I need the result in Km.


I have the $gMap variable.How can i set the current position with the javascript method of geolocation watchPosition??? Any geolocation example?