Google gears XMLHttpRequest


Not sure its a bug of google gears or is the way Yii handle http request, but when I’m using normal php page(without the entry script URI route), my code works and everything work as intended but when I direct gears to my controller/action, it just break after 1st request :/.

I have my javascript file as attached and this is my php code

if ( !empty( $_GET['n'] ) && !empty($_POST['file']) )


	$fd = fopen("php://input", "r");

	while( $data = fread( $fd, 10000000 ) ) file_put_contents( "./uploads/{$_GET['n']}", $data, FILE_APPEND );

        if(filesize("./uploads/{$_GET['n']}")==$_GET['t']) {




can anyone help me with this???

mind those folders directory, its pointed to correct address.

found the problem causing this. when i remove URIManger from the main config, and it will work again, so i think its the URIManger causing the problem.