Goodgift: Charitable Gift Vouchers

Hi all,

I present:

The site is a platform to buy gift vouchers. The receiver can donate the voucher to a charity in our list. Our goal is to divert some of the money being wasted on useless gifts and convert it to charitable donations. The site is mainly aimed at users in Belgium and The Netherlands, but the site is available in English too. We run it as a non profit and make no money from it: 100% of donations go to the charities.

On a technical level: I used the Yii Bootstrap extension (not yet the newer Yiistrap), and lots of other plugins. The site integrates with PayPal (using the Yii PayPal extension), generates PDF gift vouchers (using FPDF), allows people to donate gifts using Facebook, and uses image generation tools to manage the pictures accompanying the charities. On a front-end level: I used HTML5, vector images (SVG) and a custom made icon font.

Thanks to everyone contributing to the Yii framework and the extensive library of extensions. I really love the speed, ease and flexibility offered by the platform. I’m eagerly looking foward to start building my next website on Yii 2.0.

goodgift site link for others to see.I like template,It is simple & decent ,Good design.