Good Way To Save Image

hello :)

I’m making product page that allow to save image. whether i should save image in Protected directory or should i only need to make folder images in root.

for example:


Let me know what is the good choice to make safer.

thank you is good one to save image

[create image folder in root directory]

thanks for your replay :)

how about security ? guest able to see all images when open

what this able to resolved with use .htaccess ?

write "deny from all" inside an .htaccess file to put in images folder

ok, thanks

Most of the time a webserver with a good configuration has the Indexes option allways off as it should be.

Using deny from all could block access to all images if the file permissions are not set for public.

Correct me if i’m wrong.

what we still able to open image from Yii ?

i have tried put .httaccess in images folder, but when i open image not able to loaded.

Read message of Bjorn.