good mailing library

Yesterday I noticed that php mailing is not working anymore on my dreamhost server.  mail() simply returns false.

So I was wondering, does anyone here know any good mailing libraries that support error handling?  Like for instance, if an email fails to be sent it should put in in a database, to be sent later instead (so that it does not simply get 'lost').  I will try to adapt to work well with yii and then upload it as an extension



There is a debug mode very good showing the trace error.

I use this lib with Yii.

I didn't like the coding style of any current mailing libraries that I could find, and none had the specific ability I wanted… So I made one myself, you can find it in my skeleton application (see the email module)…i-skeleton-app/

I tried PHPmailer and Mailman, but settled on Codeigniter's email class.  It gets the job done with a minimum of fuss. 


Does the link broken? It doesn’t show anything :(