Good Mailing Extension For Php 5.4.9 ?


It seems MetaYii’s ‘mailer’ extension does not work with PHP 5.4.9/Yii 1.1.13RC any more. And it seems it’s not about magic quotes this time.

Simply speaking - when on PHP 5.4.9/Yii 1.1.13RC I get ‘success’ message but emails are not actually sent. Can anybody verify my findings???

It seems this extension should be updated asap, taking into account new PHP/Yii features as well as new PHPMailer version (5.2.2) -> HELLO MetaYii !!! Are you there???

So, the question is:

Can somebody here recommend a mailing extension really proven working with recent PHP releases?

Extension capable of sending complex emails with HTML, embedded images and attachments?

Or should I rather forget extensions and work with bare PHPMailer classes instead?

I would say… Lack of serious mailing support with Yii is confusing actually. Existing extensions are poorly maintained or underdeveloped. The ‘official’ extension library is full of junk 3 years old or even older. It really looks like some garbage collect is a must on this repository!

Best regards and please - advise asap!


Sorry - I have just realized there is "extensions’ section what seems to be better fit for the matter of this post. Unfortunately, it also seems I am unable to remove this message on ‘General Discussion’ panel. Forgive me reposting then.

you can use this extension for your mailing needs it is quite good. or you can find all the mailing extension on this page

use the one that you think suits to your application most… :) cheers!