glyphicon size

hi there

which class should i use to change some of icons’ size?




for example in font awesome by using fa-2x, fa-3x , … will be able to change the icon’s size

is there a convenient way in glyphicon?


is it as easy as using:

<h1>glyphicon here…</h1>

<h2>glyphicon here…</h2>

<h3>glyphicon here…</h3>

<h4>glyphicon here…</h4>


thank you but H1, H2, … tags has margin and make it a little bit messy

is there a better way with out hacking css, sth like font awesome way or better

thanks again

dont have any idea for now…

for temporary, may be we can use hard coded:

<span class='glyphicon8'>....</span> for 8px

<span class='glyphicon9'>....</span> for 9px

<span class='glyphicon10'>....</span> for 10px

<span class='glyphicon11'>....</span> for 11px

<_< <_<

it does not work at all


span.glyphicon8{font-size: 8px;}

span.glyphicon9{font-size: 9px;}

span.glyphicon10{font-size: 10px;}

span.glyphicon11{font-size: 11px;}

does it work?

yes it is very hard coded/dirty code,

and hope next bootsrap version will support your demanded feature.

may be bootsrap 4.

yes it works