Global Views

Hey all,

I read in the docs that the default viewPath for view files is protected/views if you call the render with a forward-slashed view name, like so:


However, the action can’t find the view file if I have it under protected/views/events.php.

So then I figured it probably needed to look under a controller subdirectory to find the view, like this: protected/views/<controller>/events.php.

I’d rather not copy the same view to all these directories, but instead have it globally accessible in one place to all controllers.

Where do I put the view file and how do I specify it’s location in the call to render?

Thanks for any help )

Try to create folder in views.

Strange, it works for me, if I put sample.php file to my viewPath directory and then do renderPartial(’/sample’).

Also try this:


And make sure viewPath is protected/views (maybe you have changed it?):

echo Yii::app()->viewPath;

Thanks andy_s, this worked: