Global Parameters


I am using Kartik-V Fileinput which I did have working but it seems to have glitched and I think it may be due to setting the global Parameters.

if I want to set the below:

Yii::$app->params[‘uploadPath’] = Yii::$app->basePath . ‘/uploads/’;

Yii::$app->params[‘uploadUrl’] = Yii::$app->urlManager->baseUrl . ‘/uploads/’;

where do I do this?

Anyone able to help?


Basic or advanced application?

Basic application -> config/params.php


Thank you

Then either ‘common/config/params.php’ or ‘[frontend|backend]/config/params.php’

Thank you for this! I get an error when I do that…

"Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in"

You can either put some placeholder value in your params and then set them in a before filter of your upload controller action, or simply hardcode the values.