git unofficial yii framework mirror

[size="5"]Unofficial yii framework mirror[/size]

Official yii framework repository

Unofficial yii framework mirror repo for git users

[size=“4”]What’s this repo[/size]

This repo is an unofficial mirror of the original svn repo in for git users in the The purpose of this mirror is to help out git users. Every hour it checks for new updates in the svn repo and make the updates.

[size="4"]Pull requests[/size]

This repo is for read-only purpose. No pull request will be accepted.



No issues related to the framework functionallity will be answered and they will be closed. For issue on the framework please refer to the official repo.

Issues related to the mirror repo functionallity will be accepted only.

Due to add of new users crontab script was unable to update the repo. So for a long time history was stuck to the 15 of August.

I added the new users and repo is up to date. I will to the same for the zii as well soon.

FYI, we have merged zii into yii. The zii repository will no longer receive any new code. All new code will go into yii repository instead. Thanks for maintaining the git repository.

However checked recently the git unofficial repo, he could notice that this repo’s last update is back to Oct 11. This happened because i faced an error for first time.

RA layer request failed: OPTIONS of '':

                Could not read status line: Connection reset by peer ( at /usr/libexec/git-core/git-svn line


As you can determine there errors has to do with the google server. I am trying to resolve it, if anyone knows something about it, it will be welcome to help.

FIrst, Thank you so much for taking the time to get this going. I just was wondering if there has been any progress on the google code hiccup?


PS I also wanted to thank everyone out there for all the hard work on this forum. Every question I have had, I have found an answer to in a matter of minutes.

Looking at the stats of Yii, I thought I had the right framework.

After reading this forum for a week, I know I did.

After a while the trouble was removed. The git repo is up to date. The cron script is up again and working.


Thanks a lot for this, I’m starting to use it regularly. A great service.

It is great!

Thanks for your work.

Yii should use git in its official repo or git and svn at least

[size="4"]update[/size] Tags added for version 1.1.0 to 1.1.7 thanks to mikehaertl

No problem ;)

For the git newbies like me: You can use tags a bit as if they were branches, with the difference that they point to one specific commit and don’t move:

git checkout v1.1.6

# Now you're in detached HEAD state. 

# To create a branch from here as always do:

git checkout -b my-1.1.6-topic-branch

Wiki article how to use unoficial git repo

There is another unofficial mirror at which is updated every 20 minutes and has all tags and branches available.

I used the scripts from this gist to set up a jenkins-ci-job that updates it.

Tags and branches are added automatically.

Hmm, i wonder a bit, why we need 2 unofficial mirrors. What was wrong with the first one?

First one did not update since "September 28, 2011" as of today. It has not all tags and branches and the new url is shorter :wink:

I just played around with git and svn so I set it up, didn’t check for other mirrors before.

Edit: It also has the committers linked on github.

Unofficial yii framework mirror has been updated today to latest code version due to release of 1.1.9

It was about time, Yii is official in github. This Unofficial repo will be around for couple of months in order for you people to move your dependent projects to point to the official repo.

Let me know if any issue about it.

I am going to unpin this topic.

Actually, I am doing this right now. ;)