Hello everyone.

I’m dipping into the world of yii

and I’m starting to find the first problems.

I’m reading the official guide, and step by step I try to see examples of the guide,

I am now using gii, I created the model controller and the view as the guide says,

but when I go to open the view created me error 404.

I have to configure something? how should I do?

thank you

What url are you calling?

thanks for your answer

I followed this step by step guide

I created the model country

I created the country controller controller

then when I create the view I had to put the absolute path, c: xampp / yii / view / country

and it creates all those view as in driving

then to enter in the index created by gii

Use this url:

gives me error 404

I do not understand why ?

Full path doesn’t work. Read what Gii tells you :)

404 is not found, which is the expected result.

Can you go anywhere else in your application?