Gii With Yiibooster


I am new to Yii framework, infact new to php. I have downloaded YiiBoilerplate (clevertech-YiiBoilerplate-abe2511)and followed the instructions mentioned on yiiboilerplate-setup-a-professional-project-structure-in-seconds/ page.

I want to access Gii but I am not sure how do I do that ? I am trying to use MYSYSTEM/pm1/backend/www/index.php?r=gii url but it wont work.

Without YiiBoilerplate I was able to access Gii using MYSYSTEM/pm1/index?r=gii

Please let me know how do I access Gii when using YiiBoilerplate or point to tutorial if any configuration is required.

Since this is my first post I am not allowed to post links so replaced the initial localhost url with MYSYSTEM


Hi Abdullah,

Welcome to forum.

If you’re new to php and yii I’d advise to start with default yii installation and to study tutorials - this approach will simplify your start.

As for your exact question - as I can see you’re trying to reach gii from your backend section. Can you reach your backend? At which URL? It most probably should look like

MYSYSTEM/pm1/backend/index.php, without www part.

Please check also gii is configured in your config file (it should be relavant backend config file).

Have you read this wiki article ? Especially check comment #9444 to it, it may be useful.

Hi Yugene, thanks for the reply. You are correct I think I should go with default structure for now and yes Gii works with that :)

Hmm yes I am able to reach backend, url is MYSYSTEM/pm1/backend/www/index.php (not without www).

Yes gii is configured. Anyways I am going with default installation for now.


Hi, I am at beginning in YiiBoilerplate and I had the same problem. This worked:


  • to allow gii in backend/config/main.php