gii unable to find tables

This has been frustrating me to no end…

  • yii version 1.1.4.r2429

  • Oracle 10g XE

I want to make a sample project, just to familiarize myself with yii before I dive in with any “real” projects. I’m having trouble generating the models with gii. I have a simple database: 2 tables, table1 and table2. When I fire up the model generator (using the web interface) and enter a table name, I always get “Table ‘table1’ does not exist” (or “Table ‘table2’ does not exist”). Here’s the thing, though, if I put an asterisk in the textbox, in order to generate a model for both tables, I get 2 identical code files, both named “models/.php”. The function bodies are mostly empty, with a few exceptions.

Any help would be appreciated; thanks.

Please double-check your database config in the config file.

Sorry for the rudimentary question, but what should I be looking for? Any change to the username, password, or connectionString and gii is unable to connect to the database. The only other db param in the config file is



I’m not familiar with Oracle myself, but perhaps these pages help to figure out the right connection string, or other Oracle related issues:

Weird…just changing to all-caps table names makes everything work out properly.

Weird, and totally annoying.