Gii - translate CRUD-generated views


I find Gii’s CRUD generator an excellent tool for generating admin interface, however it should support i18n for views!

It’s really annoing when you need to manually edit all the views! Providing translation category as optional parameter would be enough to add Yii::t(<category> … ) everywhere, where “model name” is translation parameter (for general translations support).


Everytime I create a CRUD (even with my main config file set to ‘language’=>‘es’), I must change manually the buttons and labels of the views, But Giix (extension) fix that issue, I’m testing it now.

I’ve used Python+Django at work, and the translation is complete in admin manage interface, all buttons like ‘create’, ‘update’ are translated out-of-the-box besides the default theme is so sweet and mobile friendly. Those are things that Yii/Gii could achieve in a single iteration 'cause is matter of provide a couple of new views/templates/themes.


It’s indeed very time wasting, thou not hard to implement.

+1, I’m in :)


I’m using Yii to developp french websites and it would be very nice if Gii could generate translated CRUDs.


This could be solved by adding Yii::t to all labels in Gii. Im using Giix also, but ive made my own template.