Gii Templates


is it possible to change templates of the code generated by Gii?


public function actionView($id)






  1. I’d like to replace tabs with spaces

  2. and spaces before/after => in ‘model’=>$this->loadModel($id)

Are Gii templates editable?

of course you can, even yii framework itself…

am i kidding? yes.

i would suggest, create your own template so you don’t mess up the default one

copy file from

default@ yii\framework\gii\generators\controller\templates\default


mytemp@ yii\framework\gii\generators\controller\templates\mytemp

and modify them accordingly

in gii form when you create controller, specify which template you want to use, in this case: mytemp

this way, you have your own templates at the same time keep the original ones.

i always hesitate to mess around with original code.

Thanks @rootbear. I suppose I’m blind. Thanks.

Hi everybody,

thanks to @rootbear I have overridden Gii Templates creating another copy. Due to my layout I would like to be able to add some classes to auto-generated Form labels and field but I’m stucked.

Gii use this code to generate labels and fields:

 <?php echo "<?php echo ".$this->generateActiveLabel($this->modelClass,$column,)."; ?>\n"; ?>

the code looks very familiar and I simply thought that it could work like Chtml::label()

$form->label($model,'type',array('class'=>'control-label col-lg-3'));

so I tried adding an array of htmlOptions like this

<?php echo "<?php echo ".$this->generateActiveLabel($this->modelClass,$column,array('class'=>'control-label col-lg-3'))."; ?>\n"; ?>

but unluckly it got no effects, simply seems to be ignored. I try to have a look but I can’t find any documentation on generateActiveLabel(). Does anyone have advice on this?

Thanks in advance

Ok, if someone need this,

I found out that "generateActiveLabel()" is declared in CrudCode.php under


I edited that function in this way

public function generateActiveLabel($modelClass,$column,$htmlOptions = null)


		return "\$form->labelEx(\$model,'{$column->name}',array('class'=>'".$htmlOptions."'))";


So I can pass some css class to the tempalte generator. The same can be done to "generateActiveField()" function, that generate the input for the form.

Hope this can help someone.

really nice work you done toe_ne

I wrote even more better:

in CrudCode.php file

public function generateActiveLabel($modelClass,$column,$htmlOptions = null)


		$hp = '';

		if ( is_array($htmlOptions) && count($htmlOptions) )


			$hp = 'array (';

			foreach ($htmlOptions as $name=>$value){



				$hp .= "'{$name}'=>'{$value}'";


				if ($i<count($htmlOptions))

				$hp .= ', ';



			$hp .= ')';


		return "\$form->labelEx(\$model,'{$column->name}', {$hp})";


in _form.php file:

<?php echo "<?php echo ".$this->generateActiveLabel($this->modelClass,$column, array('class'=>'control-label'))."; ?>\n"; ?>