Hello everyone,

some may have silently noticed that i had released an early development-snapshot of an "gii Template Collection".

Now that i have added some new features, it is time to get this thing rolled out! Let us collect all templates

that gii users are using for their Applications in this package, to help generate even richer Applications out of gii!

In addition to that, i have created a FullCrud and FullModel Generator that generates an i18n, Relation-aware (even MANY_MANY Relations) Application out of your Database Schema. It is included in the gtc package.

To accomplish this task, a Version of the CAdvancedArBehavior and of the Relation Widget will be copied to your application components/ folder automatically, if it doesn’t exist already.

Just give it a try at

Let’s collect the templates at the Google Code SVN Repository at

I think about smarty, haml&sass, twig, dwoo and-so-on templates. The FullCrud&Model Generator could provide the much-wanted composite key feature that yii 1.1 unfortunately doesn’t support anymore in the future.

Of course i would like to make it official as soon as some people have tested the new Code Generators!!!

p.s. could some admin add an n to the thread topic? thank you :slight_smile:

Hi dears,

can anyone suggest How to create Relations Using this extension?

I have tried but failed.