Gii | 'table Does Not Exist' With Synonym


I’m trying to generate my models with Gii and i want to use an Oracle synonym instead the table, but when i click ‘Generate’ button, the message ‘Table ‘my_table’ does not exist.’ appears. This table in fact is my synonym.

Is there any way to use my synonym here?


I’m having the same issue but just with an ActiveRecord in general.

If I use a CModel and build out the necessary SQL instead, there’s no problem. But when I try to use an ActiveRecord, I’m told the table doesn’t exist.

So I’ve got a workaround, but would still rather use an ActiveRecord.

I get same problems too … any solutions ??

Can’t you use the original table name and change it in tableName() method after generating the model?

Still got the same error message ‘Table ‘my_table’ does not exist.’


The solution that i found was override the methods "findTableNames" and "findColumns" from COciSchema class.